About Us

We are a husband and wife team, who have been inolved with reviewing the Grand National horserace for a number of years, both in our local press and online.

We love the thrill of the horserace, and the buzz surrounding the whole event. It really is a Great British institution ad many millions of us all watch with bated breath on for the Saturday steeplechase. I love it, and that's why we created this website - so that you can appreciated it with us. We have lovingly collacted as much information as we can about the horserace, and we hope you agree that it's a good resource. Of course, we will be adding to it every year, we do not plan to sell this website - it is our labour of love!

As I said above, do not get in contact if you want to buy this website - it is not for sale. And also, I will return your email and blacklist you if you contact us about spammy links or anything of that nature. Don't bother!