The Grand National - Expert winning advice

Enjoying the race

The Grand National is a horse race that, for many years, has provided an enjoyable opportunity to place a bet. Many seasoned gamblers refuse to bet on the National, as they believe its not enough of a "sure thing". We're not so sure about that! Follow our advice which will hopefully give you a few tips for the journey...

Sensible approach

We believe that a sensible way to approach the Grand National is to gather information about the horses that are racing first. Then select a portfolio of about four or five horses you think look like possibilities (remembering to look at our Picking The Winner section for pointers on this). Lastly, back them Ante-post at fairly big odds to win 50 pts. If you're not sure about this kind of betting, make sure you do your research on the odds, horses and jockeys before you depart with your money!

Our suggestion

We suggest you take a look at our review of each of the 40 Grand National Runners in our Odds secton, as this should help in giving you a steer in the right direction for the race.

If that does not help you, how about taking a look at our Picking The Winner section for 2010 Grand National Tip's that really may pay dividends. The advice we're giving you is just that - advice - no guarantees - but we're sure you'll have a bit more of an idea about it all after reading our website..