The 2017 Grand National - Picking the winner


Most people think the Grand Nation is a bit of a lottery when it comes to selecting the winner - in actual fact there are a set of rules we can use to eliminate all the potential losers from the race. Here are my top winning rules that when you apply should help to eliminate the very horses unlikely to win.


  • Do not place money on a horse who has fallen more than twice in their careers.

  • Stay away from novices. Inexperience counts for little on such a rigourous terrain.

  • Pay attention to horses rated between 136 and 145. Statistically speaking this group has provided every single winner for the past decade.


  • My advice is leave a horse if its carrying weight exceeds 11st 3lb. Recently the bottom weights are likely to be carrying around 10st 7lb.

  • Ignore horses younger than 7 years old, and likewise those aged 13 or older. Horses are in their prime between these ages and are more likely to stay the pace.


  • Get rid of those horses who have had less than four runs this season. Every winner in the past 10 years had had at least four runs prior, in preparation for the big race.

  • Overlook anything that hasn't had a recent race. Each of the past 10 winners had previously run in the past two months.

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